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Dry and Wet Rot can affect buildings of all ages and if decay is discovered it should be identified and remedial action taken without delay.


Woodworm is a larva that feeds on wood. Eventually the adult beetle cuts a hole in the surface of the wood and emerges, it is the appearance of new holes and dust that falls from them that often indicates the presence of an active infestation of woodworm.
water damage


Water ingress can be very damaging to your home and life, and we aim to respond quickly, identifying the true extent of the damage and make appropriate repairs in order to reduce secondary damage and costs.
rising damp


Rising damp is a significant damp problem, particularly prominent in older properties. As damp occurs it can encourage the growth of fungi and moulds which can then begin to affect the health of the property’s inhabitants.

High Standards

At MacFadyen, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality standards in everything we do. Our continued success, over more than 30 years in business, is testament to this.
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